As a global company, we are also a global citizen. Our ability to impact the
environment is not taken lightly by our thousands of employees worldwide


We at MSD remain dedicated to being environmentally responsible in how we manufacture our medicines and vaccines. And we work hard to reduce our environmental impact through stewardship of natural resources like water, by conserving energy and also by appropriately eliminating waste. We do so because it is consistent with our values as a good corporate citizen and because it makes good business sense.

We also go beyond the direct impact of our business to positively influence the environment. Our main way of doing so is through financial support of non-governmental organizations and their local partners to protect ecological resources around the world.

Seagrass Monitoring at Tuas Coastline

Seagrass monitoring is an assessment and monitoring of seagrass patches along the different Singapore coastline. Through this monitoring, early warning of major coastal environment changes can be detected. Seagrass monitoring headquarters is located in Australia; however, in Singapore there is a Singapore Teamseagrass make up of a team of volunteers from all works of life including the MSD seagrass watchers volunteer. MSD is a proud owner of the seagrass patch along the Tuas Coastline and we take pride in protecting it.

Seagrass monitoring in Tuas coastline started in 2007 and monitoring is conducted four times a year by our staff. Data collected from the monitoring is feedback to the Singapore Teamseagrass for analysis. Besides monitoring the seagrass meadow, volunteers can also make use of this chance to visit and explore the vibrant and colorful marine life and corals that we have on our untouched coastline.