Scientific discovery and development have always been the cornerstones of our company.

As part of MSD Research Laboratories (MRL), our mission is to translate breakthrough biomedical research into meaningful new therapies and vaccines that improve and extend the lives of people worldwide. Building on our 125-year history, we aspire to be the premier research-driven biopharmaceutical company. We are determined to build upon our fundamental research strengths to deliver innovation to patients and physicians worldwide, and invest in opportunities to address unmet needs through our own internal Research & Development efforts and the best external science.

Based within the Biopolis biomedical research campus at One-North, the MSD Translational Medicine Research Centre (TMRC) opened in Singapore in February 2009. Our activities focus on drug discovery and development, with the aim to identify and validate novel therapeutic targets, discover drug candidates and biomarkers to aid clinical proof-of-concept and deliver novel therapeutic options. To achieve this we collaborate with academic and clinical researchers in Singapore to advance scientific discoveries and drive innovation to advance our drug discovery pipeline.

At TMRC, we all share an extraordinary sense of purpose and have the privilege of working in a research-intensive environment where breakthrough science drives our strategy with the aim to change the course of human health and to make a real and lasting impact to save and improve lives around the world.