MSD manufactures medicines and vaccines that are sold in more than 140 countries. We maintain strict product-quality standards and multiple supply-chain safeguards to ensure the efficacy, safety, and supply of our products – no matter where our medicines and vaccines are manufactured.

MSD Manufacturing Division began its operations in Singapore in 1994 and has a strong local presence that boasts a diverse and dynamic production portfolio. We manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients, oral solid dosage, inhalation and sterile drug products using a large array of manufacturing platforms

The MSD Manufacturing Division is committed to be a world-class supplier, providing patients and customers with high-quality products and a reliable supply of safe and effective medicines and vaccines.


We will maintain strict quality standards and effective supply-chain management to ensure the efficacy, safety and supply of our products no matter where they are manufactured.
We will sustain an interdependent, flexible supply chain to take into account global and local market supply needs.
We will engage and invest in local and regional partnerships to enable market access.