Our employees strive to deliver on the same
promise: finding new ways to save and improve lives.



At MSD, we seek to discover and champion the latest, most promising advancements against the world’s greatest health challenges. To accomplish this, we are willing to invest in solutions that take us in directions we’ve never explored before. Because we’re on a relentless quest for cures. And we’ll be known differently in our industry because of it.

Whether it’s helping invent the next breakthrough treatment or simply challenging and supporting one another for mutual betterment, our culture is about applied curiosity. We are dedicated to our team members’ growth and development, and empower each of them to reach their full potential regardless of function, geography or experience level.

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Why MSD? Because we are:

• committed to fostering development and rewarding talent

• dedicated to diversity and inclusion at every level of our organization

• adept at recognizing unique skill sets and nurturing our employees’ talents